The Emily Carr research culture is a strategically important element of the University.  We lead the country in the contributions we make to research in studio-based art, design, and media.

During the past 20 years, a dramatic evolution has taken place in the visual arts, media arts, and design.  The growth of digital technology has given rise to new means of production, new kinds of employment, new kinds of creative and aesthetic expression, and new opportunities for artists, media practitioners and designers to reach diverse audiences.

As a result, the disciplines that constitute art and design have developed into rapidly evolving research domains that include sound, image and video, animation and gaming, sustainable and communication design, and the implications these domains have for society and culture.

Artist/Researchers are at the core of the research enterprise at the University.  Emily Carr supports and encourages them by organizing research infrastructure, securing research funding, and by disseminating and communicating the results of the research in the broader community.

Graduate students as well as undergraduates are involved in research, under the leadership and guidance of faculty supervisors.  Directed studies courses are organized for groups of undergraduate students interested in specific research topics, and applied research is a required element of all graduate degrees.

The research function is integrated with the community through applied research projects with industry sponsors, through vibrant co-op and internship programs, and through programs with galleries, museums, and NGOs.

Much of the research is grouped into themes, where groups of artist/researchers and students have common interests. These include the Social and Interactive Media Centre (SIM Centre), the Stereoscopic 3D Centre (S3D Centre), and the Health Design Lab (HDL).  Emily Carr is making major contributions in each of these areas.

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