Frequently Asked Questions about the IDS:

  1. Who has access to the IDS?
    Generally speaking all faculty, graduate students, staff and sessional faculty. Undergraduate students can also be granted access under a special class or faculty project. Any services which are available to external clients can of course be accessed by anyone internally. We offer substantial discounts for internal clients and alumni.
  2. My card won’t let me in. How do I get my card activated for the IDS?
    For access to the Prototyping+Media+Programming (PMP) studio, email  For access to the Wearables and Interactive Products (WIP) studio, email  For all other access, email the Director of IDS, Maria Lantin, at
  3. I want to use the CNC machine. Who do I contact?
    Please contact Steven Hall
  4. I want to use the laser cutter. Who do I contact?
    Please contact the Laser Output Centre Please note that projects need to be booked in advance and are charged a modest output fee. The Technicians in charge can offer advice regarding suitable materials, as well as advise you regarding file preparation (files are usually constructed in Illustrator). The Output Centre is located in room 370H in the south building.
  5. I want to use the motion capture system. Who do I contact?
    Please contact the motion capture technician and make an appointment to discuss your needs.
  6. I want my 3D model printed. Who do I contact?
    Please contact the 3D Printing Research Technician These documents will guide you throught the process:(1) START.pdf(2) 3D printer DETAILED file prep.pdf (3) 3d printing cost estimator.xls
    Currently printing on Mondays.
  7. I want to embroider something. Who do I contact?
    Please contact the Wearables and Interactive Products (WIP) studio technician to discuss your needs. Please note that the embroidery machine is only available on a limited basis right now due to resource constraints.
  8. I want to rent out camera and audio/visual equipment. Who do I contact?
    Please contact the Prototyping+Media+Programming (PMP) Technician
  9. I don’t know how to use <equipment X>. Do you offer any workshops?
    We periodically offer workshops on motion capture, stereoscopic projection, CNC, and 3D printing. The dates will be emailed to the community.
  10. Do I have to book the workstations in the IDS?
    In some cases, yes (particularly the video editing stations). The workstations that can be booked each have a Google calendar. Please contact the PMP studio technician to be given access to these calendars.
  11. Do you rent out your motion capture studio?
    Yes. Please see Services and Rentals for more details.
  12. We are a non-profit organization. Can we book your facility at no charge?
    We sometimes provide space for non-profit community events. Each case is looked at individually. Please send your requests to

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