Facilities / Motion Capture and Visualization Studio

The Motion Capture and Visualization Studio (Mocap) in the IDS is a large black box space that can support projects requiring motion capture or tracking, stereoscopic projection, or large installation space. Conferences and symposia have also been held in this space. It seats about 80 people comfortably.

Motion capture and tracking is made possible with a 40 camera Vicon system. The capture volume is 25ft by 30ft. Facial motion capture is also possible with a custom rig. Real-time motion tracking can be achieved by connecting the Vicon Tarsus data stream with applications such as Max/MSP/Jitter and Virtools.



Stereoscopic HD projection:

  1. Option 1: Christie 2215 DLP Digital Cinema Projector and IMB, with XpanD 3D system, 16×9 ft white screen.
  2. Option 2:  Dual-projector passive Infitec system on a white 16×9 ft screen.

Active or passive signals can be accommodated.

The Mocap studio is available for rental.


Director of IDS: Maria Lantin mlantin@ecuad.ca 
Mocap Technician:
 Rick Overington roverington@ecuad.ca 

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