Facilities / Prototyping, Media, and Programming Studio

The Prototyping, Media, and Programming Studio (PMP) provides general digital media tools, as well as 3D scanning and printing services.  Also under the PMP umbrella are a CNC machine and a laser cutter which are housed outside of the studio for ventilation reasons.

Equipment available for use in the PMP studio:

  • 6 workstations (3 OS X stations oriented toward video and audio work, including one capable of editing 2K footage and 3 XP stations oriented toward 3D scanning and modeling)
  • 2 Wacom Cintiqs 21UX (connected to digital media stations)
  • 1 Phantom Omni haptic device
  • NextEngine 3D Scanner
  • Polhemus Scorpion 3D Scanner
  • 2 large scale scanners
  • Colour laser printer, colour photo printer
  • 3D Printer (ZCorp Spectrum Z510)

Equipment available for rent:

  • 2 HD Panasonic AG-HVX200 cameras
  • Sony HDRTG1 High Definition Camcorder
  • 4K Red Camera package
  • 1 panoramic video camera (Point Grey Research Ladybug II)
  • 12″ Cintiq (12WX)
  • Macbook Pro Laptops
  • 2 HD projectors (Mitsubishi HD1000U)
  • 3 SD projectors (Sony VPL-CX85)
  • 42″ HDTV LCD (Samsung)
  • Mobile video conferencing system with 42″ LCD (Lifesize Room)
  • Sony PSP3
  • Nintendo Wii


Director of Research: Maria Lantin mlantin@ecuad.ca 
Studio Technician: Sean Arden and Philip Robbins pmp@ecuad.ca
CNC Technician: Steven Hall stevenhall@ecuad.ca 

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