Facilities / Services and Rentals

Services and Rentals available through the IDS:

  • Motion Capture
    We offer motion capture services on an hourly, daily, or per second of capture basis.  We have a 20 camera Vicon system and can capture body or facial movements.
    Rick Overington, our motion capture technician has many years of experience with motion capture in the video game and animation industry.  Please contact Rick roverington@ecuad.ca for specifications, rate sheets or to schedule a tour.
  • 3D Printing
    3D printing is provided by a ZCorp Spectrum Z510 printer.  This is a colour plaster-based printer which requires infiltration of the printed piece to fully harden.  The specifications of this printer can be found on the ZCorp site. For an estimate of the printing costs, please send your model to the PMP studio technician, Simon Overstall soverstall@ecuad.ca.  Please note that we may not be able to accomodate all requests due to time and resource constraints.  Priority is given to internal requests.
  • CNC Router
    CNC services are provided by a AXYZ Router Table 4008.  Specifications are available through the AXYZ site. Please contact the CNC Technician, Steven Hall stevenhall@ecuad.ca for a job cost estimate, and more information on machine capability.
  • Pablo Rio 4K HFR Station
    We have one of the only state of the art Quantel Pablo Rio stations in North America capable of handling 4K 60 fps in realtime, and Stereoscopic 3D uncompressed content. Pablo Rio runs on high performance PC hardware and offers the ultimate post-production workflow for 4K and beyond. The station is mobile and is also capable of near realtime DCP creation. Please contact roverington@ecuad.ca for a quote and more information.
  • Christie 2215 Digital Cinema Projector and XpanD ONE 3D system
    Introducing the brand new Christie 2215 DLP Digital Cinema Projector and XpanD ONE 3D kit in spring of 2014. Capable of up to 2048 x 1080 2K images, the projector is available for screenings, testing DCPs and viewing stereoscopic 3D material. The projector is capable of 120fps in 2D, and 60fps per eye in stereoscopic 3D with the XpanD ONE 3D system. Please contact roverington@ecuad.ca for a quote and more information.
  • IDS Room booking for events
    The 2nd floor of the IDS has two rooms occasionally available for booking.  One is a smaller seminar room which is equipped with a projector and speakers.  It can seat about 20 people.  The other is the Mocap studio which can seat 80 people and is equipped with an HD stereoscopic projection system and portable speakers. For a larger event, these two rooms are usually booked together.  For inquiries please email research@ecuad.ca


Please note, there are other equipment rentals available through the PMP studio for internal clients.

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