Facilities / Wearables and Interactive Products Studio

The Wearables and Interactive Products Studio in the IDS provides a space for project development and experimentation with electronics, textiles, and sensors.

It hosts a number of electronic workbenches each equipped with the necessary components and tools to complete most electronic projects. Specialized stations, and shared electronic components are available for more complex projects. We have products from Arduino, Phidgets, Lego, and VEX Robotics and many others.

Also in the WIP studio are a 15 needle embroidery machine (SWF-1501C) , a general purpose sewing machine, and a variety of other components used in the creation of interactive textiles.

For more information:

Director of IDS: Maria Lantin mlantin@ecuad.ca 
Studio Technician
: Bobbi Kozinuk rkozinuk@ecuad.ca

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