1. What should I expect to submit in a grant application?

Most grant applications ask you for the following:

  • Detailed C.V, or completion of a CV template (Canadian Common CV)
  • Description of your research plan and a timeline
  • Comprehensive budget
  • Images and/or bibliography
  • Details of any collaborators or co-applicants

2. How much time does it take to put together a strong grant application?

Most researchers allocate three to six months to put together the various elements needed for a successful grant application. And they always say, “It took twice as long as I imagined.”

With most grants there are two deadline dates. There is an external deadline (by the granting agency) and an internal deadline (Emily Carr’s deadline)to consider. To allow for review and signatures at Emily Carr, the internal deadline is usually set three weeks ahead of the external deadline.Both the internal and external deadlines are non-negotiable and it is important you plan well ahead of time.

3. Will Emily Carr help me with my grant application? And do I qualify for an RTS?

Emily Carr Research Services will provide you with advice, planning and mentoring for grant applications. For grant applications to the Tri-Councils (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR) Research Services has a small amount of grant writing funding and can match you with an experienced grant writer. Faculty are also eligible for Research Time Stipends (RTS), in the form of course releases, if they have been awarded a grant from the tri-council agencies (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR) or another source which permits funds to be used for Research Time Stipend (RTS) or administrative overhead.

4. I’m new at this, how will I know if my research plan is fundable and which funder should I apply to?

Bring a rough sketch of your research outline/plan to Research Services. They’ll help you understand the main funders (government and non-government) and a help you develop a strategic plan for your research.

 5. Can I take a look at some grant applications that have been successful in the past?

Some of Emily Carr’s senior researchers have been kind enough to allow us to share their applications with you. Ask at Research Services for copies.

6. Who do I speak to about preparing or submitting a new grant?

Jerri-Lynne Cameron, Director, Research Administration + Operations: jlcameron@ecuad.ca


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