Selected Projects / Providence Health Care: The First Five — Designing the Front Entrance Experience for St. Paul’s Hospital

The First Five, is an exploration of the patient/visitor experience upon entry into the new hospital with a focus on the first five minutes, the first five user needs and the first five actions.

As the first step, the HDL Team visited existing hospitals and facilities across the lower mainland and utilized the AEIOU framework (Activity, Environment, Interaction, Object and User) to gather preliminary information and insights about the entrance experiences of these facilities. The synthesized findings of these observations informed a set of personas and co-design activities specific to the St. Paul’s Redevelopment Project and the local community.

In February 2018, the HDL team facilitated these activities in a series of co-design workshops to gain ideas and insights from past patients and the general public. The first workshop took place in a 3rd year Design course at Emily Carr, followed by two community workshops.

Through this participatory co-design process and engagement with the community, this project will result in a series of ideas and suggestions for the St. Paul’s Redevelopment Team and the future architectural team that will help to inform the design of the new hospital entrance experience. This will include consideration of reception and check-in kiosks, communication through signage and media walls, seating and play areas, hand hygiene promotion and visual/graphic elements as forms of positive engagement and wayfinding.

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