February 2, 2017

Traction Conference Brings Valley-based Growth Experts to Vancouver

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Launch Academy, Boast Capital and Victory Square Ventures are bringing Traction Conference back to Vancouver on May 31 and June 1, 2017.

Learn secrets of acquiring exponential growth and revenue from founders and leaders of the fastest growing companies. Some of the confirmed speakers include

  • AppDynamics (Acq. by Cisco for $3.7 B), Founder and Chairman, Jyoti Bansal

  • Uber, VP of Product and Growth, Ed Baker (Previously Facebook’s Head of International Growth)

  • LinkedIn, VP Growth, Aatif Awan

  • WeWork, Chief Revenue Officer, Francis Lobo

  • Twilio, VP Product, Patrick Malatack

  • Trello (Acq. by Atlassian for $425M) , CEO, Michael Pryor

  • Moz, CEO, Sarah Bird

  • Credit Karma, CEO, Ken Lin

  • SendGrid, CMO, Scott Heimes

  • SurveyMonkey, SVP Growth, Elena Verna

  • Eventbrite, VP Marketing, Brian Rothenberg

  • Kabam, Cofounder, Holly Liu

  • Invoice2Go, VP Growth, Naomi Ionita (Previously Evernote’s Head of Growth)


Early bird tickets are on sale for $449. Limited supply! Register early here:

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