Research Areas

The Research Centres at Emily Carr are communities of applied academic researchers with a common purpose. As research clusters they focus on areas of research interest that may include faculty from different disciplines, and on applications where Emily Carr is making significant national and international contributions.

There are currently three well-established research centres at Emily Carr: the Social and Interactive Media (SIM) Centre, the Health Design Lab (HDL), and the Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) Centre.  There are also other emergent clusters such as Material Matters, the Centre for Applied Arts and Material Practice (CAAMP) and CloThing as Conversation. The distinction between a Centre and a cluster is typically the level of funding and activity.  The clusters and centres are a way to formalize collaborative relationships between Faculty and students, give greater visibility to an area of investigation, and simplify the external view of the research activity of the school.  Not all research activity will fit within these groups and they will evolve over time. Projects frequently overlap a few areas.

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