People / Maria Lantin

Dr. Maria Lantin is the Director of the S3D Centre at Emily Carr University of Art + Design because she believes in the creative potential of the illusion of the third dimension, actually all illusions.  She has been playing with stereoscopic 3D images and applications (both creative and applied) since 2000.  Starting with Mainframe Entertainment where she worked on the first IMAX stereoscopic animation (that never made it to the big screen but was still amazing), to working on photogrammetry software at IDELIX Inc, to running a stereoscopic CAVE at the Banff Centre, she has been experimenting with S3D in many forms.  Her interest is in experimental and interactive forms of media.  She likes people that reconstruct things.  Working with her immensely talented team at Emily Carr, she has had the privilege of building a Centre that is curious, investigative, and actively engaged with the local creative communities.

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