About / Basically Good Media Lab (formerly S3D Centre) Facts

Some facts about the Basically Good Media Lab (formerly S3D Centre):

  • The S3D Centre (now the Basically Good Media Lab) was announced at the Interactive Futures conference in November 2009 and officially opened in May 2010. The S3D Centre was renamed to the Basically Good Media Lab in June 2017 to reflect its wider range of research into immersive media.
  • The Basically Good Media Lab (BGML) team has a skill set that includes computer programming, interactivity, documentary/experimental/narrative filmmaking, animation, technical and creative post-production, photography, prototyping and production accounting.
  • The BGML has hosted  numerous events with speakers representing artists, students, educators,  local film production/VFX companies, Virtual and Augmented Reality companies and producers.
  • The BGML has engaged with over 150 companies in the lower mainland of British Columbia, and is committed to partnering with companies and institutions on a variety of immersive media topics.
  • The BGML has access to state of the art equipment for the creation and post production of immersive media content, as well as technical and visual experimentation. A full list can be seen here.
  • The BGML conducts research into a variety of immersive media topics, including High and Variable Frame Rates (HFR/VFR), production of stereoscopic and 360 Content, interactive Virtual Reality, camera calibration for stereoscopic and HDR content, and 4K through 8K  Production/Pipeline. These projects can be viewed here.
  • With the ability to support 2-4 student productions per year, the BGML employs 4-5 Graduate and Undergraduate Research Assistants per semester.



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