October 1, 2020

Shifting the Culture of Care by Sharing the Voice and Choice of People Living in Long-term Care — A Video Series

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In 2019, VCH partnered with Emily Carr Health Design Lab to better understand the resident care experience. Using human-centred design approaches that emphasize participatory research to address complex healthcare challenges, students and members of VCH’s Interdisciplinary Long-term care team did art-based activities with residents to help them express What does good care look like to you and What is important to you? The responses were grouped into 5 themes:

  • A Sense of Purpose
  • Relationships and Conversations
  • Recognizing and Supporting Resident Abilities
  • Individual Needs and Care
  • Flexible and Spontaneous Care

These short animated videos, narrated by residents, help illustrate the themes and tell us how the culture of care in VCH’s long-term care homes needs to shift if we are to fully embrace a person-directed social model of care in our care homes.

Watch the videos here.

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