November 25, 2021

Challenging Stigma Through Storytelling

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Throughout this year, we have been collaborating with BC Mental Health & Substance Use Services (BCMHSUS) on an animated video series project which focused on hearing the perspectives of people with experiences of mental health, substance use and the criminal justice system.

The video project was completed over the span of 6 months with a team of HDL designers, BCMHSUS staff and people with lived experience, and is now live! This three-part animated video series brings you along a journey into the stories of people who bravely share how stigma in the healthcare system has impacted their lives, what has helped bridge these gaps, and what their hopes are for the future. These videos are a part of the Understanding Each Other Together (UNITE) Project: a journey into our experiences of stigma to celebrate diversity and create change, led by BCMHSUS.  

The final videos are intended to be a way for people to learn about the realities of mental health, substance use, and criminalization — highlighting the voices of real people as an approach to shift conversations, build awareness, and shed light on the stories of individuals with lived experience. 

Part 1. Stigma. This video looks into the destructive and pervasive nature of stigma in our communities, including healthcare settings. Watch

Part 2. Standing in the Gap. This video focuses on the importance of healthcare providers and other support people in holding hope and healing, rather than contributing to the experience of stigmatization. Watch

Part 3: Overcoming & Healing This video highlights the strength of the storytellers – how they overcame the barriers created by stigma, what has fostered hope, and how they are working towards healing. Watch

On November 16, 2021, The Health Design Lab hosted a public screening and dialogue event which provided an opportunity for the public to view the videos along side the project team, discuss how the videos were created, and reflect on how the project included a trauma-informed co-design approach. View Recording

Video Storytelling Series Part 2 – Family Perspectives

Starting in Fall 2022, Health Design Lab has partnered again with BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services to co-create a three-part video series sharing under-represented perspectives and stories of the families of people with mental health and substance abuse experiences. Through this project, we will design and facilitate a series of virtual workshops involving the families of people with mental health and substance use experiences in an effort to create intentional shifts towards reducing stigma and increasing awareness in our communities.

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