Selected Projects / BC Women’s Hospital: New Mature Women’s Health Program

Developing a New Mature Women’s Health Program for BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre

BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre (BCW) has encouraged the implementation of innovative care models on-site and across the province that have prioritized maternal and newborn health. However, there is tremendous opportunity to reimagine and to re-focus the hospital’s mission to address women’s health, not just at the time of pregnancy, but across the lifespan. At present, women’s health outside of pregnancy is located at multiple sites across BCW and operate independently in a traditional provider-centered, facility-based, hierarchical model of practice. Younger and older women are largely underserved. To address this, it is imperative to engage women in the design of their own care.

The Health Design Lab is collaborating with BCW utilizing a human-centered design approach to conceptualize, develop, pilot, and implement a new Mature Women’s Health Program. To support this initiative HDL team will join the BCW Mature Women’s Core Team as collaborators along with mature women and health professionals. The goal of this work will be to gain an understanding of the health needs of mature women and identify the types of programs or services that would be most beneficial to these women, in order to conceptualize and pilot a new program.

Project Leads: Caylee Raber

Design + Research Assistants: Eugenie Cheon

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei

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