Selected Projects / Fraser Health Authority: “The Simple Things” Communication Campaign

Fraser Health has come through a transitionary period that saw necessary, but difficult, internal changes. As well,¬†with a generally increasing focus on patients and patient-centred care, staff may be feeling somewhat sidelined. This project marks an effort to refocus attention on staff and emphasize their importance to healthcare, while humanizing them to patients. The underlying theme, to both patients and staff, was “simple things matter”.

In any large health system, individuals and their stories often get lost in the enormous overall effort to deliver quality of care. Influenced by the Cleveland Clinic’s video, titled “Empathy: The Human Connection to Patient Care”, this project weaves together multiple narratives of patients and staff, showing viewers that behind every person, is a unique story. It helps focus attention on the idea that simple things matter: the impact of a smile; the need for touch; the huge importance of simple human connection. These ideas and messages will be delivered through an ongoing social media-based campaign. Bits and pieces of video, text, and photos, will weave together an ongoing narrative that show the individuals behind the illness or injury of patients, and the uniform or mask of a healthcare worker.

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