Selected Projects / HeadCheck Health: Mobile Concussion Assessment Enclosure and Packaging for Wearable Sensor

HeadCheck Health has developed a mobile concussion assessment platform used by medical professionals on the sideline of sports games. The objective of the assessment platform is to provide robust testing methods for sports organizations, reducing the number of athletes that return to sport too soon due to undiagnosed concussions. HeadCheck Health wants to leverage new technology to further enhance their gold-standard tools, through the inclusion of a wearable sensor which helps objectively score the balance component of the concussion test.

HeadCheck Health collaborated with the Health Design Lab at Emily Carr to support the research and design of a wearable enclosure and packaging for the sensor. The HDL used a human-centred design approach in collaboration with HeadCheck Health to explore ways to embed the sensor that prove both safe and comfortable for athletes.

The priorities of the prototyping phase were usability, functionality and material exploration with consideration given to visual form and aesthetic design and mass production capabilities.  The project supported a variety of research and design questions including: how can we securely affix the sensor to the forehead to limit false motion data from the athlete; how can the enclosure provide protection from handling and damage due to sweat or water (weather); what materials will allow for easy cleaning to reduce the transfer of bacteria or sweat when the wearable is shared between athletes?

A more objective consussion tool for sideline testing means that fewer athletes will return to sport with an unidentified concussion resulting in fewer permanent brain injuries, better healthcare for Canadian athletes overall and a reduced burden on the medical system.

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