Selected Projects / Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada: Informed Dining

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada partnered with the Health Design Lab to create a mobile application designed to educate British Columbians on nutritional information in order to make more informed choices when dining at a restaurant.  Called This or That, the project embodied three goals: increasing awareness of the Informed Dining program, providing educational and accessible nutritional information to British Columbians, and encouraging restaurant diners to make more informed decisions about what they eat.

The project started in a third year Interaction Design class. Led by faculty Haig Armen, the students explored many different approaches to the problem space. In the end, the  partner chose one project for further development. This project, called  This or That, was designed to help narrow down meal choices for the diner. The app provides a dynamic side-by-side visual comparison of nutritional information (such as calories, sodium, fat, etc.), and from this information the user is guided to make a more informed choice. This or That also encourages users to explore new food options they would not normally have thought to experience. In parallel, another team developed a social media campaign that would promote the app.




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