Selected Projects / Molecular You: Translational Research in User Experience Design for Personalized Health

Caring for and gaining control over one’s health is important in maintaining overall well-being and knowing the best course of action to staying healthy; however, personal health delivery is often unstable and unclear. If individuals can fully comprehend the information regarding their health, they are more likely to modify their health behaviours, share relevant results with their family members, and become more involved in the clinical and health maintenance decision-making process.

Molecular You is a digital health company that provides individuals with a personalized health assessment to empower them with the ability to proactively take control over their health. They provide molecular level health assessments to customers and practitioners through the all-in-one personal health dashboard and guide on “Molecular You Health Intelligence Platform”. Through an iterative design process of research, prototyping and user testing, Eric Tsoi and the Health Design Lab are partnering with Molecular You through a Mitacs grants to improve the overall accessibility of the information, customers’ understanding and use of data related to health risk and actions to mitigate risk, on web-based interfaces.

Project Leads: Rob Fraser, Caylee Raber, Andrew Siu

Design + Research Assistants: Eric Tsoi

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei

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