Selected Projects / Digital Supercluster: Pharmacogenetics — Tailored Health Project

The Pharmacogenetic – Tailored Health project is a 7-month research study that aims to better understand the physician perspective when it comes to applying pharmacogenetics in their clinical practice. Pharmacogenetics (PGx) addresses a significant pharmacological healthcare burden by identifying what drugs would be best for specific individuals based on their genetic make-up. The goal of this project is to improve PGx educational materials and its application, tailored to the needs of clinicians who may apply PGx to their practice. 

Through participatory design concepts, The Health Design Lab is creating activities and prompts that initiate conversations with clinicians about their concerns about integrating PGx into their workflow. Emily Carr University it partnering with GenXys, LifeLabs, Genome BC on this project led by Telus Health, and is part of the Digital Technology Supercluster initiative.

If you are a primary care physician or pharmacist, we are conducting a 10-minute online survey. Please take the time to offer your thoughts and feedback on PGx!

Project Leads: Andrew Siu, Haig Armen

Design + Research Assistants: Michelle Chan, Allison Chan

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei

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