Selected Projects / Providence Health Care: IlluminAID, Lighting for Fall Prevention

Falls are a major concern for seniors, especially those living in residential care homes.  For the IlluminAid project, the Health Design Lab (HDL) worked  with Providence Health Care and the residents, family and staff to develop a working prototype of a lighting system that can be used in residential care homes to reduce falls and increase quality of sleep.

In 2017 Providence Health Care received funding from the Center for Aging and Brain Health Innovation to collaborate with HDL on the development of an under-bed motion-activated lighting system. The HDL team designed a functional prototype which underwent user-testing at Brock Fahrni and Youville. The intention  was to develop a modular lighting system that could easily be installed in any existing facility without requiring major changes to beds, or facility infrastructure.

This project  utilized human-centered design methods to gain an understanding of the problem space and to develop a solution that addresses the complex needs of residents and staff. The HDL team used overnight shadowing, role-play, scenarios and rapid prototyping in collaboration with Providence to design the final the lighting solution.

With our proof-of-concept completed, PHC is now exploring how to further validate, scale and implement the solution designed by HDL.

Project Lead: Caylee Raber

Technical Lead: Radu Postole

Design + Research Assistants: Emily Ellis, Michael Lee

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei

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