Selected Projects / Simpli Innovations Inc.: Tablet-Based Communication for Seniors

Simpli Innovations Inc. offers custom tablet-based software and hardware for users who want a simplified experience in specifically targeted functions. A key benefit of the technology they have developed is the ability to control a tablet’s operating system remotely and limit users to one specified application. Simpli has found that one receptive market for this system is the elderly as a communication tool. Simpli had undergone preliminary research around the communication needs of the elderly  and had conducted some beta testing of their first interface when they approached the Health Design Lab about a collaboration.

This project leveraged the Health Design Lab’s expertise in human-centred design and its experience in applying these results to more focused outcomes. Preliminary testing by Simpli pointed to some weaknesses in the technology interface and its user flow. The Health Design Lab joined with Simpli to probe the user group’s needs more deeply, create a fuller understanding of the app’s use and make improvements.

Project Summary Sheet

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