Selected Projects / Providence Health Care: The First Five — Designing the Front Entrance Experience for St. Paul’s Hospital

HDL collaborated with the St. Paul’s Hospital redevelopment team on this project, to further explore and consider the patient and visitor experience upon entry into the new hospital. Titled “The First Five”, the focus of this project was on the first 5 minutes, the first 5 user needs and the first 5 actions upon entry. This project explored questions such as: What will be the emotional state of people as they enter the facility and how can this be considered in the design of the space and services delivered? How can we create an entrance space that is empathetic, human-centered and supportive?

The HDL team used a human-centered design approach, to observe, listen and generate insights for the new entrance, with an empathetic and person-centered focus. Beginning with site visits and ethnographic observations at facilities across the Lower Mainland, our findings informed the development of a set of personas and co-design activities specific to the St. Paul’s Redevelopment project and local community. Utilizing these tools HDL led three community co-design workshops in order to gain insights and recommendations directly from past patients and visitors.

Through a participatory co-design process and engagement with core users, this project has resulted in a series of ideas and recommendations for the St. Paul’s Redevelopment Team and the future architectural team, to inform the design of the new hospital entrance experience.

Project Lead: Caylee Raber

Design + Research Assistants: Eugenie Cheon, Steph Koenig, Emi Webb

Workshop Support: Kanak Jaitli, Mariko Kuroda

Project Coordinator: Nadia Beyzaei

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