Selected Projects / Vancouver Foundation: Decolonizing the Health Care System through Cultural Connections

In BC, Indigenous people of all ages experience significantly poorer health outcomes than non-Indigenous people. The roots of this discrepancy can be linked both to Canada’s colonial past and to systemic racism and other barriers to care that permeate the healthcare system today.

This project seeks to initiate change from an Indigenous perspective through the innovative use of Indigenous-led arts and material practice workshops to facilitate dialogue, relationship building and knowledge sharing between Indigenous people and healthcare practitioners (students). Working with a range of First Nations communities in and around Prince George, we will run four workshop series over the course of 2 years, which situate healthcare provider training within cultural immersion and material practice-based learning. Ultimately, we hope to improve healthcare for Indigenous people by developing an Indigenous-led approach that can be scaled and adapted to the unique needs of First Nations across BC.

Project Leads: Brenda Crabtree, Marlene Erickson, Caylee Raber

Project Partners: Dr. Sari Raber, Lara Therrien Boulos

Design + Research Assistant: Nicole Preissl

Project Coordinators: Jessica Erickson, Nadia Beyzaei

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