July 27, 2018

Reading by Holly Schmidt | Ten Different Things

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On July 21, 2018, artist Holly Schmidt provided a reading of preliminary writing for Accretion, accompanied by photo and video documentation. As part of Ten Different Things, a collaborative public art initiative among Living Labs, City Studio and Vancouver Public Art, Holly Schmidt examines precarity through a particular granite used in the construction of civic buildings at the turn of the last century and in recent development in False Creek. In Accretion, Schmidt uses photo, video and writing to document the extraction of a slab of granite from Hardy Island, its transportation to the Mainland, and transformation once it enters public space. Accretion acts as in inquiry into the confluence of geological and historical time on coastal shores.

The reading was hosted at Libby Leshgold Gallery and READ Books as part of the exhibition It’s difficult to put a painting in the mailbox: towards new models of artists’ publishing. A poster was produced with the essay The Speed of Rock, by the artist with support from Publication Studio Vancouver.





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