The Material Matters Research Centre at Emily Carr University operates at the intersection of the handmade and the digitally crafted, exploring the material and social implications of emergent modes of fabrication.

With expertise in diverse material production technologies and novel design-led R&D methods, Material Matters affiliated Faculty and Researchers collaborate with industry partners and host open forums that connect the creative community.

We are engaged in developing and evaluating new 3D print mediums and exploring innovative methodologies for design and production. This effort is augmented by faculty led applied research partnerships, context driven research and emergent social forums for exchange.

To date a robust pragmatic research program has emerged courtesy of research funding enabled by partnership development funds, and grants from agencies such as: NSERC, GRAND NCE, and the NRC/CNRC Industrial Research Assistance Program.

Material Matters has been developed as a meeting point – an intersection of groups that catalyzes disciplines, students and faculties within Emily Carr University of Art + Design. We work with external partners who may be industry-based, NGOs, non-profit, or community groups.

This research group includes Keith Doyle, Helene Day Fraser, Justin Novak and Phillip Robbins, and involves a variety of initiatives including work with 3D printed textiles, wearable computing, and materials research.

Our Partners