United Way: Avenues of Change — Squamish

In 2018,  The Health Design Lab collaborated with United way in join endeavour with SPARC BC to gain an understanding of the Squamish community including the key people, places, and assets within the neighbourhood, and the major challenges and gaps that may be impacting childhood development.

GeriMedRisk: Information design of medication information specific to geriatric populations

Information design of medication information specific to geriatric populations to improve prescribing by family physicians. This project is funded through a grant from the Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation in collaboration with GeriMedRisk, a non-profit, pharmacology consultation telemedicine service.

The First Five: Designing the Front Entrance Experience for the New St. Paul’s Hospital

The Health Design Lab (HDL) at Emily Carr University collaborated with the St. Paul’s Hospital redevelopment team on this project, to further explore and consider the patient and visitor experience upon entry into the new hospital. Titled “The First Five”, the focus of this project was on the first 5 minutes, the first 5 user needs and the first 5 actions upon entry.

A web-platform for increasing the uptake of Autism research by families

In 2017/2018 the Health Design Lab  collaborated with the Pacific Autism Family Network (PAFN) to design a web-platform to facilitate the uptake of credible, evidence-based research by families and individuals with Autism. This work began with a focus on creating a research platform, but through engagement of families in our design process, the concept evolved to into a more substantial platform that would also guide families towards local services and community events.



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