Measuring dynamic movement in-situ is what Plantiga is all about.

Ground reaction force (GRF) produces some of the most critical data in understanding human biomechanics and the science of sport. Today, the only way to measure this gravity vector is by stepping, walking, running or jumping on a force plate in a human performance lab. That is is an expensive proposition.

What happens in the lab does not translate well to real-world situations and game play – either on the court or in the field.

Now, picture being able to capture, in real-time, this highly actionable data for each player, each practice, each game.  The Tiga™ Platform provides a tool set for better decision making for players, coaches and the entire organization.

More than sports, this platform is applicable in healthcare, rehabilitation, logistics, biometrics and beyond.

Record it. Read it. Review it. The new three R’s.

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