October 16, 2014

Material Matters 3DP Forum: DevFest

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Nov. 3 – 9, 2014
Workshops & Hackathon





DevFest is a week-long workshop-series and hackathon about bleeding-edge technologies for experienced developers taking place weeknights and over the weekend this November 3-9 in Downtown Vancouver. Each weeknight (6pm) we will cover a new technology in an intensive 3-hour workshop. The weekend (10am) will be host to two hardware workshops and a hackathon (hardware kits included).

Workshops cover: 
– cryptocurrencies,  
– cloud-computing,  
– smart-televisions,  
– wearables,  
– 3D-printing,  
– virtual reality,  
– microcontrollers.

Highlighted 3D Printing Workshop:

Tom Bielecki, PrintToPeer: November 7th, 6PM, $10 Fee.
Tom Bielecki is the CEO and Founder of PrintToPeer, a common operating system for 3D printers to connect them to the web. PrintToPeer successfully raised 250% of their goal on Indiegogo earlier this year, and was recently named one of Alberta’s 25 Most Innovative Companies of the Year. Before founding PrintToPeer, Tom dropped out of his last year of Software Engineering at the University of Calgary to solve the fragmentation in the 3D printing market.

Join this workshop to better understand how 3D printing works, how to design and print your first 3D model, and how to add 3D printing to your applications.


#200 – 375 Water St, Vancouver BC, Vancouver, BC
Material Matters | DevFest.ca
Nov. 3 – 9, 2014 | https://www.picatic.com/DevFest

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