July 2, 2011

Welcome to the S3D Centre

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Home of all things Stereo at Emily Carr

Here you’ll find examples of how the S3D team members have integrated S3D into their practice and research. You’ll also find examples of how we partner with industry to help develop stereoscopic 3D products and services.

Emily Carr S3D: a little history

In September 2009, Kerner Optical approached us with the idea of forming a Stereoscopic 3D Centre at Emily Carr. We took up the challenge, and by November 2009, during the Interactive Futures conference (on the theme of Stereo) at Emily Carr, we were ready to announce the initiative. Preliminary funding came from Western Economic Diversification in February 2010, and by May we officially launched the Centre.

The S3D Centre allows us to bring together people and resources, and to increase the level of exploration and production of stereoscopic images, videos, interactive work, and hybrid forms. We are now able to support a full S3D pipeline, from pre-production, to capture, edit, and display. Members of the S3D Centre team possess a complimentary set of skills that include stereoscopic photography, filmmaking, editing, animation, stop-motion, time-lapse, interactivity, and rigging.

Our Sponsors

From its inception, the Emily Carr S3D Centre has benefited from the support of many organizations and funding bodies, including Western Economic Diversification (WED), Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Graphics, Animation and New Media Network Centre of Excellence (GRAND NCE), and the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). This support has enabled us to quickly build an applied research portfolio and liaise with local industry to align our objectives with their needs.

Our Priorities

Our mission is to advance the art of stereoscopic 3D through research, education and training. In addition to workshops and training events, we offer courses through Emily Carr’s Continuing Studies Program, and are integrating S3D into the regular undergraduate curriculum.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @EmilyCarrS3D to stay connected. And if you’re in business in the BC region, join our LinkedIn group: S3D Industry/Research Networking Group (BC Region).

We love stereoscopic 3D and we welcome opportunities to link with like-minded people! Please contact us if you’d like to explore ways of working together.


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