February 23, 2018

Material Matters Designer in Residence – Nithikul Nimkulrat

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This body of work considers digital processes through a craft lens. It was conducted over the course of two and a half months in Fall 2017 at Emily Carr University of Art + Design by Designer in Residence Nithikul Nimkulrat, Professor of Textile Design, Estonian Academy of Arts. Nimkulrat’s work was done in collaboration with Aaron Oussoren, an Affiliated Researcher with Emily Carr’s Material Matters Research Centre. Nimkulrat used her long-standing craft knot technique to construct a small artefact for further experimentation with digital tools available in the Mixed Reality and Digital Fabrication research labs at the University. Each collaborator, Nimkulrat and Oussoren, brought different skills to the project. Nimkulrat has worked extensively in textiles; her practice mixes experimental and traditional forms of knotting to produce evocative art installations. Oussoren works fluently in CAD and 3D printing processes, and applies this to an expansive understanding of glass working methods as well as mould making for ceramics. These varied skill sets provided some tools and starting points to develop and expand upon the use of digital manufacturing methods related to traditional materials.

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