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Material Matters 3D Print Form

December 6th, 2013


John Beihler

is a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based 3D printing advocate, consultant & instructor, technologist, blogger, traveler, photographer, speaker, maker, & all around curious person. Some fun geeky facts about Biehler are one of his first websites in the late 1990′s was a blog (before they were called blogs) that documented the design and construction of a full size video arcade cabinet. This cabinet housed a computer that ran M.A.M.E. and was connected to read arcade controls on the cabinet which enabled it to emulate and play over 5000 different classic arcade games.

Offload Studios | Models and Sculptures via 3D Printing 

Offload Studios is a different kind of 3D Printing studio. Offload Studios is not a service bureau. While they do have some pretty sweet equipment, they use it to create works of art, not parts.


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