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September 5 Material Matters Poster V3


Jon Winebrenner | Hurdler Studios 

Jon Winebrenner is a designer who sees opportunity everywhere. His passion comes from the creation of something new and meaningful. This passion is fostered by the belief that if you separate the meaningful from the new, you’ve failed.

Winebrenner follows a human-centric design methodology that seeks to uncover the value a product provides to the user. The value a product or experience provides to a user is something that is not easy to quantify. Quite often it is an emotional connection that stems from a hidden need that has yet to be addressed. Winebrenner is devoted to finding the meaning behind every product he develops that brings simplicity and wonder to the experience of using it.

Design is a fantastic tool. If harnessed properly, it can produce company changing results. If treated like an afterthought, you will be simply applying lipstick to a pig. He is seeking companies and people who are seeking change and require someone to come in to rip off the band-aid so that we can move past the mundane and into the meaningful.

Winebrenner has the mind that likes to think big and has the team behind him that can execute in a way that will produce results.


James Mallion | Hurdler Studios

James Mallion led the product design team at Hurdler Studios, designing and developing the tangible side of the product experience.

He worked closely with the user experience team as part of a complete ProdUX strategy, to uncover simple and effective innovations that just make sense to everybody, the user and the business. Taking these concepts from rapid ideation to fully realized and manufacturable products – that incidentally look great too.


Rob Smith | Tinkerine Studios

Tinkerine develops, manufactures, distributes and sells 3D printers, software and materials for the consumer and education markets — the fastest growing segments of 3D printing. Current products include the award-winning Ditto+ and Litto 3D printers (and the recently released DittoPro), all acclaimed for their high performance and affordability. Tinkerine’s 3D printers work seamlessly with its integrated 3D software to make printing intuitive and accessible to anyone.

With a major focus on education, Tinkerine continues to position itself as one of the emerging leaders in the 3D printer market both in Canada and abroad.

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