Archive / Affiliated Research: +++=

The +++= project builds off of the premise that new insight and possibilities may be envisaged by reframing the understanding of clothing from a unidirectional entity to one made up of multidirectional interchanges and dialogue. A research team with backgrounds in 3D printing, wearable circuits, smart artifacts, weaving and clothing design are working to explore the possibilities inherent in the form of a ‘+’, and to investigate and expose what is comprised in the act of conversation. This is being done via material based studies in 3D printing, woven and wearable circuits, woven forced folding techniques, and zero waste cutting techniques. Material and form based studies (each working of the ‘+’ sign) are being utilized to explore and propose:

  • alternate means of thinking about the role of clothing (from statement to conversation)
  • alternate means of communication
  • alternate means of production and use

As a textile-based artifact/system the work that is being developed provides a forum for the exploration of small mobile displays as well as other technology embedded into clothing. At it’s core the +++= platform is an exploration of human-human communication that offers up the possibility for exploring visual, audible, haptic, and olfactory modalities. The project team envisioned an investigation of post growth clothing design, wearable technology, and 3D printing taps into notions of distributed networks currently being discussed within the domains of both social media and sustainable design research.


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