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LifeBooster™ provides a wearable, real-time safety monitoring system that seamlessly integrates into the existing work gear of industrial workers and healthcare professionals. This three-part ergonomic system will effectively record and analyze biometric and ergonomic data to help companies predict, prevent, and create a personalized rehabilitation and musculoskeletal injury prevention plan.

From the prevention perspective, this system will assist health and safety professionals with site specific risk assessments. It will highlight which work sites cause the most injuries, which actions are high risk of injury, and which job classifications have the highest risk of repetitive stress and musculoskeletal injuries.

When considering injury rehabilitation, it is important to acknowledge that the process is extremely costly for both employers and injured workers. The LifeBooster system will provide a personalized recovery plan with an internal alert and recommendation system, so the injured worker can return to work quickly and safely with a reduced chance of re-injury. Through the use of trending data, the rehab professional is able to create effective health and safety training exercises, as well as personalized disability management programs. In turn, this expedited healing process helps companies reduce injury time, and returns employees to work in a shorter time frame than was previously possible.

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