Material Matters

Material Matters has been developed as a meeting point – an intersection of groups that catalyzes disciplines, students and faculties within Emily Carr University of Art + Design. We work with external partners who may be industry-based, NGOs, non-profit, or community groups.

cloTHING(s) as Conversation

Clothing and specific combinations of articles worn on the body are often understood and referred to as a statement. The notion of clothing as a statement is prevalent in catwalk culture as the fashion statement. It is equally evident in the clothing choices of individuals who do not participate in the fashion schema, be it through regulated attire, uniforms and professional garb, or as part of a counter culture.


As a textile-based artifact/system the work that is being developed provides a forum for the exploration of small mobile displays as well as other technology embedded into clothing. At it’s core the +++= platform is an exploration of human-human communication that offers up the possibility for exploring visual, audible, haptic, and olfactory modalities. The project team envisioned an investigation of post growth clothing design, wearable technology, and 3D printing taps into notions of distributed networks currently being discussed within the domains of both social media and sustainable design research.

DnA: You Are, We are, Our Work Is

The DnA project responds to a rich and vibrant university commons: a collective of individuals working with a plethora of different mediums, distinct material practices and methodologies who form a critical creative mass. It is an emergent inquiry connected to Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada.



Our Partners