June 1, 2012

Stereo 3D Weekly News Roundup

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Every Wednesday, the S3D Centre at Emily Carr University collects interesting Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) news from the past week.


Fox Plans Special Trailers to Let Film’s 3-D Effects Shine :: The New York Times Media Decoder

20th Century Fox is planning marketing the Stereoscopic 3D potential of their upcoming release “Life of Pi” in previewing a few minuties of the film before the 3D Blockbuster “Prometheus” this week, another segment before “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” which arrives on June 22 and hopefully a third scene with “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” due from Fox on July 13. This is a great step in studios coordinating with exhibitors to sell the real value of S3D. It should be noted that Vancouver based Moving Picture Company worked on this amazing film.


Editorial: Despite shaky 48 fps Hobbit preview, high frame rates will take off :: Engadget

There has been a very split reaction to the footage of “The Hobbit” shown by Peter Jackson at CinemaCon last month. For many, the pristine look of HFR (high frame rate) material was difficult to get used to. This article by Steve Dent does a great service in explaining the history of the 24 frames per second standard, the histpry of Showscan, and the technology of HFR filming.


Free 3D Stereo Calculator for iPhone :: Stereoscopy News

RittaiCalc3D is the latest app to hit the iTunes store that makes your S3D production a bit easier. Developed by Junji Ikeda of Japan, you can calculate inter-ocular distamce using numerous variables. The iTunes page is in Japanese, but the app itself is available in English as well.

Go Pro Hero 2 ‘Goes Pro’ :: 3dguy.tv

With the newly announced Protune Mode firmware upgrade to the camera, GoPro seems poised to take on the professional market once and for all. The new upgrade will feature the abilty to record at 24 frames at 35Mbps in addition to their already established 120, 60, 48 and 30 fps modes. This article does a nice job of showing what the new upgrade means for the professional market.

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