June 2, 2012

S3D Essentials :: free software and plugins

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S3D Essentials is your link to great S3D resources. If you’re new to S3D production you’ll definitely want to check out these free S3D software + plugins.Free GoPro Cineform Studio software¬†(Premium version is $999)

GoPro Cineform Studio takes footage captured with the 3D HERO System and converts it into viewable 3D files. You can then export the files and watch them on your computer, online at sites like YouTube and on your 2D or 3D TV at home.

Bororo 3D for Sony Vegas
Bororo 3D is a plugin for Sony Vegas and any other video editor that supports Sony Vegas DirectX plug-ins. With Bororo 3D you can edit and produce stereoscopic videos.

Onsight OS 3D Plugin
OS 3D provides users with a intuitive way of working in 3D, be it with discrete left and right eye files or side by side, it allows you to make stereoscopic corrections and decisions during the editorial process.

StereoSplicer software
StereoSplicer separates the left and right video footage in the FUJIFILM FinePix REAL 3D W1 & W3 cameras.