June 29, 2012

Stereo 3D Weekly News Roundup :: June 21 2012

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Local News and Announcements

White Out 3D :: S3D Centre 

S3D Centre partners with Atomized Creative to create a stereoscopic 3D snowboarding video; Sean explains how they filmed using four rigs in total- one motorized Genus Hurricane beamsplitter rig with two RED Epics, one fig rig with SI2Ks, and two GoPro 3D rig setups. Read about the details and see the behind the scenes video here.


MediaScreen 2012 Survey :: Vancouver Economic Commission 

The MediaScreen 2012 surey marks the first time ever that BC’s film, television and interactive digital media partners have united to capture and quantify the important contribution the screen-based industries are making to the province. Your contribution would be valuable to this short survey, ending on June 28th.


Digital media studios putting Vancouver on the map :: Vancouver Province

Pixar, Image Engine and Moving Picture Company are identified in this article as great ambassadors for the digital media sector is BC. Many of these digital media companies are completing project in Stereo 3D, and they are poised to take Vancouver’s talent and digital economy to the next level.


International Events and Announcements

3D–Con in Costa Mesa, CA from July 25-30 2012 :: 3D–Con

The 38th National Stereoscopic Association Convention, 3D–Con is happening again July 25-30 2012 in Costa Mesa, California. Jim Chabin, Lenny Lipton, Brian May will keynote and there will be image competitions, art gallery, workshops and a trade fair.


Dimension 3 Expo News and Festival Winner :: Dimension3 Expo

Dimension 3 Expo in Paris has just concluded. “Space Junk 3D” has received the Grand Prize at the festival, and coverage of the expo can be found here.


VFX Advantage 2012 from July 4-5 2012 :: VFXAdvantage

Of great interest to our Eurpoean friends: This year’s VFX Advantage 2012 conference’s topic is “Making the Most of Visual Effects and Stereo 3D”. July 4-5 2012 in Ravensbourne, London hosted by the Director’s Guild.


Next ‘Star Trek’ game to be 3D Vision Ready :: 3D Vision Blog

The next ‘Star Trek’ game is to be 3D Vision Ready and best in Stereo 3D technology yet. Because the game has been planned with stereo 3D intent from the concept stages, we can expect a better than average stereoscopic PC gaming experience from this release. The NVIDIA team have worked to make the most immersive experience possible with the technology. Have a look at the video.


SMPTE Journal Covers Stereoscopic 3D Topics this month :: SMPTE

The latest SMPTE Journal covers extensive S3D topics. Check it out today.



Hardware News

Underwater housing DEEP Pulsar | Atom 3D system available :: Gates Housings

Great news for underwater cinematographers/filmmakers: DEEP Pulsar/Atom 3D Digital Cinema beam splitter system is now shipping, from Gates Underwater Products in collaboration with 3ality Technica. This housing accommodates the RED EPIC, Canon C500 and many others. Have a look at their website to find local dealers.




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