February 10, 2013

3D[FWD] International Conference :: PART 1

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This is PART 1 of 3 Recaps for the 3D[FWD] Conference and Networking Reception.

 Emily Carr University pf Art +Design with the S3D Centre are thrilled to have organised this event with the International 3D Society, with support from National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP). This event couldn’t have been possible without the support of those organizations, and also our friends at Massive Media.

This was the banner event for the recently created Canadian Chapter of the International 3D Society. More information will be available at the Chapter website in mid February. Audio and videos will be hosted there from the event and future events. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Society, please contact us for more information.

“I think it was probably the best first time 3DU Event that any chapter has done. We’ve got some great chapters. But it could not of gone any better.” Jim Chabin, President, International 3D Society

Over 130 attendees came to Vancity theatre on the 25th of January to listen to some of the best 3D leaders in the world. We were treated to 4K 3D presentation of content from our speakers thanks to Christie Digital stepping in with a model CP4230 projector. The content was not only in brilliant hi-res 3D, but was BRIGHT! Our fantastic A/V team from Vancity Theatre and Zoom A/V made sure the projector and Dolby 3D system were installed in time, and that all the speaker’s presentations flowed without problems.


Session 1: Your World in 3D with Jim Chabin, International 3D Society

The most exciting thing Chabin spoke of was that patents for 3DTV, 3D devices and technology are exploding in huge numbers. Companies are certainly looking at 3D and preparing for the future.

The professional community is both excited and hesitant over 3D, this is due to a large amount of mixed information, new information, and brand new technology. Chabin discussed auto stereo as the next movement in the entertainment and consumer landscape. “It has already started, products are being rolled out and content created for them.” In regards to the adoption of consumer 3DTV, Chabin said “Whatever TV you buy is going to be 3D ready, price is no longer an issue. Prices are going down and more people are going to have a 3D TV than not within the next couple of years.” Chabin stated that their are millions of 3DTVs now in homes around the world, and displayed a graph showing the surge in growth.

It was discussed that commercials in 3D encourage better retention from consumers than repetitive commercials in 2D, and the figure of 40% increase in retention for schoolchildren who watched educational material in 3D (compared to 2D) was presented. Chabin stressed the importance that from architecture to medical, and military to Nano technology, professionals have already been using 3D technology and will need to become familiar to 3D. For example, the Mars Curiosity rover has 2 3D camera systems onboard, and this addition greatly influences the scientists’ ability to drive the rover over Mars’ terrain. Chabin gave some examples of successful business people that were among the first to embrace and invest in 3D. Steve Jobs was used as an example, having been involved in 3D from the early 2000s.

“You are part of a very, very cool club. When we concise information from our business and organizations, it becomes obvious front he statistics that 3D is considered by consumers to be a premium and enhancement on everyday experiences.” “We have come a long way in just a few years, HD and colour TV took triple the time to get where we are today”.


Session 2: Distribution, Content Licensing, and Financing for 3D with David Brenner, Principal Media

“Lets talk about the commerce; who is paying? How do you find a business model that really works?”

Brenner gave some fantastic examples of what the current outlook at international broadcasters look like “Basically,” he stated “It depends where you go.” He went on to describe how in China, a law was passed with their national broadcaster CCTV that rules a certain percentage of content MUST be 3D. He explained how the process works at the large 3D network 3NET if you want to get your content shown. And importantly, Brenner gave tips to indie producers and content creators about the various things they must know when selling their material and connecting with a distributor. He displayed a check lists of things that your distributor MUST provide to you, and he gave advice on how to shop around for a distributor that offers the best options for you as a content creator. His checklist included warning signs for a poor partnership, and how to avoid missing out on a better deal. Brenner presented figures of what to expect when licensing your content, and he stated that “nearly any good 3D content can be sold, you need to understand what angle to market it.”

Brenner used the example of an S3D Centre staffmember’s ongoing project and how it could generate income and reach audiences. “Hire an experience narrator, and have them create a professional delivery.” He stated that in many cases, once you study successful campaigns for short form 3D content you may quickly realize they all have the same formula: quick, punchy titles, a subject matter that uses 3D creatively, and a professional delivery of narration and visual effects. It is clear from Brenner’s talk that there are many areas we have not been considering when selling 3D content- for example, to 3D technology companies such as LG or Samsung even.


In the Q&As, there was some discussion as to why Canada’s distribution model is so much more underdeveloped compared to the USA and UK models. Attendees expressed their concern and not being able to catch the eye of local broadcasters who could consider a 3D initiative. TELUS 3D Optik network was brought up as an example of a network that has a 3D channel, but does not purchase content. Brenner was able to suggest several strategies for how Canadians could market their content to the US networks, while maintaining rights over the content for further use.

Many of the attendees walked away with a broader understanding of how to finance and sell their 3D projects, and Brenner was able to answer some of the most pressing questions from our local media community.

I had a GREAT experience at the 3D Conference last week!  I learned tons, made connections and I am determined to work in the 3D realm.  Thanks for hosting such an educational and insightful event.  I feel much closer now to achieving my dream of directing a low budget comedy/horror film in 3D. – Andrea Fredrickson Producer/Director, FFF
Good advice, David.

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Parallax films has a fantastic review on their website, as well as one of our most favourite moments from the movie “Honeymooners”. A highlight of their review:

James (Stewart) provided us all with the talking points to sell our media form, reminding us all that if 3D is a fad, it is a 227.27 BILLION dollar fad, that is growing at 15% per year. – Parallax Films

Thank you to all of our speakers, sponsors, and of course the attendees for helping us make an incredible landmark event! Please visit the Chapter Website in February for more information. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, @EmilyCarrS3D and @_MassiveMedia to see the live Tweets of the event and stay up to date with the next events. Again if you wish to become a member, contact us through Twitter, or our direct email.