Sketching in VR

2017 is going to be year zero for VR and volumetric experiences. Make no mistake: this will change all digital life as we know it today. And it will change your work, no matter what your discipline. But sketching in VR is still hard. It shouldn’t be. This 3-hour workshop will introduce you to the basics of thinking in 3D, give you a brief overview of the current VR device landscape, and – most importantly – provide you with a process for rapidly testing your VR ideas using paper, a camera, and Mozilla’s Aframe library. We’ll provide the Cardboard headset. You’ll provide the laptop, smartphone (at least Android 6.0+, or an iPhone 5 or later), a willingness to write code and a beginners mind.

Spaces are limited. Registration required.

Developments in virtual reality, S3D and advanced imaging

We host a variety of events here at the S3D Centre. Have a look at our upcoming and past events.  Are you a student, faculty member or partner interested in working with us? Visit our equipment and facilities to see what we can provide.

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Variable High Frame Rates in Research Applications

We are currently doing experiments on the use of Variable Frame Rates (VFRs) consisting of both High Frames Rates (HFRs) and standard frame rates (as 24fps). Read More.

Advancements in HFR, S3D, UltraHD and the immersive experience

The S3D Centre is a national centre of excellence dedicated to advancing the art and technology of stereo 3D, advanced imaging and immersive media topics through applied research, skills development and event outreach. We have become known around the world for these explorations, find out more about our ongoing projects. 

Projects and Video Shoots at the S3D Centre

The S3D Centre hosts a multitude of projects and video shoots, from HFR to Stereo 3D, 4K, Virtual Reality and Mocap. Have a look at our projects page and see what we are doing!


vIVE – Very Immersive Virtual Experience (Virtual Reality & Mocap)

The initial goal of this project was to use passive optical motion capture to track an Oculus Rift to create an immersive virtual experience. The physical Oculus Rift is motion captured and in realtime with low latency the data is piped to unity to drive the virtual Oculus Rift. The output is wirelessly transmitted to the device. This results in an untethered virtual experience, which can include hands, feed or even a full body avatar. Read more



The Basically Good Media Lab at Emily Carr University of Art + Design is committed to seeing old and new technologies through fresh eyes for cultural, social, and economic benefit.

Our research program focuses on the potential of new and old media technologies for new forms of storytelling, creative expression, social and political impact, and community building. We want to steer the thinking around these technologies towards their potential impact and how individuals and groups may contribute to their development for the greater good.

With the support of our partners and students, we aim to teach, train and discover the aesthetic possibilities of immersive media and be leaders in creative technology exploration.

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