Next meetup- August 18th, with VanVR!

Please join us and VanVR for a special Virtual Reality themed night of demonstrations and networking on Monday Aug. 18th, 7-9pm at Intersections Digital Studios mocap studio. Featuring Thalmic Labs Myo arm band, new tech advances from SIGGRAPH, a mocap suit performance piece, and out of town visitors from LAVR and SVVR. Learn more here.

Advancements in HFR, S3D, UltraHD and the immersive experience

The S3D Centre is a national centre of excellence dedicated to advancing the art and technology of stereo 3D, advanced imaging and immersive media topics through applied research, skills development and event outreach. We have become known around the world for these explorations, find out more about our ongoing projects. 

vIVE – Very Immersive Virtual Experience (Virtual Reality & Mocap)

The initial goal of this project was to use passive optical motion capture to track an Oculus Rift to create an immersive virtual experience. The physical Oculus Rift is motion captured and in realtime with low latency the data is piped to unity to drive the virtual Oculus Rift. The output is wirelessly transmitted to the device. This results in an untethered virtual experience, which can include hands, feed or even a full body avatar. Read more

Projects and Video Shoots at the S3D Centre

The S3D Centre hosts a multitude of projects and video shoots, from HFR to Stereo 3D, 4K, Virtual Reality and Mocap. Have a look at our projects page and see what we are doing!




The mission of the S3D Centre at Emily Carr University of Art + Design is to advance the art of Stereoscopic 3D and Advanced Imaging topics.

Our applied research programs and training activities focus on the creative applications made possible by experimenting with S3D and Advanced Imaging (4K, virtual reality, High Frame Rate) production technologies and methods. With the support of our partners and students, we aim to teach, train and discover the aesthetic possibilities of these areas and become world leaders in creative technology exploration.

Our Partners