Projects / Local for Local Footwear | 2019

The Local for Local Footwear project for Prince George intends to integrate the materials of the surrounding area- timber, recycled, upcycled, and repurposed materials, with modern additive manufacturing techniques and digital scanning technologies to make customized footwear.

The Local for Local Footwear project is a research vehicle and pilot of an envisioned Community Contribution Corporation that will attempt to create numerous small community-creation hubs. These hubs are meant to service their surrounding communities by providing a space for interaction, supporting the creation of community identity, and as a means of resource conservation.  This ambitious project engages a member of the Emily Carr Continuing Studies Design faculty, current and former ECUAD Continuing Studies students, and partnerships with the local business community.

Considerations of sustainability, socially responsible entrepreneurship, community building, digital literacy, and post-industrial design practice will inform research, development of prototypes, and our design solution.

Project Lead: John Bondoc
Project Updates: March 2019, April 2019July 2019, Final Project Update
Project Events: Workshops

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