Shumka Centre

The Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship fosters the movement of artists and designers into systems and situations where their work and ideas can have the most impact. The aim of the Shumka Centre is to establish a place where creative practitioners can find community and knowledge as well as connection to the resources they need to launch, fund, and organize projects across the spectrum of contemporary art and design activities – whether those are products, companies, events, curatorial initiatives, non-profit organizations, or other initiatives.

The Shumka Centre is founded and operated by the team at Living Labs.

As of September 2020, Shumka Centre has its own microsite. You can stay up to date on Shumka Centre activities on the Shumka Centre website. You can also follow Shumka Centre on Instagram or e-mail

You can access archived Shumka Centre programming up to September 2020 below.

Archived Shumka Centre Programs:

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