October 8, 2012

Stereoscopic Projection for Installation

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In May 2012 I mounted the installation component of my Master’s Thesis work entitled Transference. The installation was a 3 minute stereoscopic video in the Charles H Scott Gallery at Emily Carr University in Vancouver for the Masters of Applied Arts Graduation Exhibition. To enable a polarized 3D projection upon a surface instead of a screen, I used a silver based screen paint from ScreenPaintHD.

The final installation explores the physicality of stereo in a gallery space. A place where there arent any chairs, where you are wearing 3d glasses but get to move around in relation to an image. The original idea was to create a stereoscopic extension to the space. I wanted to create a hole in real space, or at least the illusion of one. The installation concept has morphed over time, since the completion of my thesis paper. It is an exploration of the physical relation to a stereo image in a an installation context.  The piece is a distillation of the ideas I cover in my thesis. The installation features a woman standing on an out cropping. The viewer is at a distance from the character and can make no connection with the figure other than through a simulated understanding of space. By space I am referring to the physical qualities stereo illusion.  The image cuts to a close up where the character is looking away from the observer, again thwarting any connection to the character through traditional cinema convention. I hope for this limited access to the character through the composition to force a cognizance of the observers relationship to the illusory stereo space and what that spatial relationship communicates to them. With the absence of connection through typical cinema conventions the only relationship left between the observer and the character is the relationship through the simulated S3D space.During the Masters degree I tracked my experiments and writing on a section of my own stereo blog@Adventures in Stereo.Transference_0

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