January 14, 2016

Living Labs in Vie des Arts: The Learning Years

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Living Labs is pleased to be featured in issue no. 214 of Vie des Arts: The Learning Years.


From Vie des Arts:

What diplomas does one need to feel an artist? More than ever, to proclaim and advertise oneself as an artist requires a certificate from a college or university. But what value does a college degree, a Bachelor, a Master’s or a PhD have for a young woman or man who are embarking on an artistic career?

These were the question Vie des Arts writers and editors posed to teachers, gallery owners and artists, both established and emerging. The testimonials that were gathered are at the core of this special section devoted to THE LEARNING YEARS, offering analysis and synthesis that bring to light on the extraordinary diversity of training programmes available. The immense range of practical courses, mentorships, workshops; forums open to debate, to theoretical discourse, and historical studies, reflects the equally astounding plurality that exists in the world of art education. Nevertheless, the reality of what is offered by the teachers cannot be perfect. The artistic life is subject to unpredictable fluctuations with its procession of both contrary and happy coincidences.

It seems of importance, at a time when cultural activities from coast to coast are seen through the prism of social, economic and political issues, to present an overview of the strategies used by schools, faculties and their teaching departments to provide the students with the means of making a living from their art or, failing that, finding a niche (as curator, historian, artistic manager, guide, etc.) within the art milieu. The topic is further discussed by gallery owners who offer their point of view on the criteria they use when recruiting promising artists. Finally, artists themselves reveal some of the perils they encounter on their professional path.

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