April 4, 2016

Lounge-Based Innovation on the Slack Variety Pack

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Living Labs is so excited to be featured on Episode 24 of Slack’s podcast, the Slack Variety Pack: The Little Things Pack.

Living Labs Director Kate Armstrong and Michael Tippett, CEO of Wantoo, are spearheading a new partnership between the two organizations that examines the concept of Lounge-Based Innovation.

Listen to the interview with Kate and Michael this week on the Slack Variety Pack.


More on the project

On the Wantoo Blog | On Lounge-Based Innovation

Some key questions the project will ask include:

  • What form of documentation, creation or testing is suitable to the investigation of the lounge as a social and spatial foundation for innovation?
  • What existing social and/or spatial forms are indicated through current practices in innovation across diverse fields and how can these inform or diverge from the notion of lounge-based innovation?
  • How can the form of the lounge reconceive or reframe cultures of activity within business, art, and technology?

Participants in the project will include stakeholders from the startup community, artists, architects and designers.

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