August 26, 2016

Tech Week in Prince George

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Innovation Central Society Presents:
Tech Week in Prince George

September 21 – 24, 2016
Prince George, BC

Tech Week in Prince George is an opportunity to bring together the local technology sector and show the public what we’ve all been working on. This is the first of an annual event brought to you by Innovation Central Society.

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Gaming & Maker Day Tournament & Panel
4:00 pm, Wednesday, September 21st
Celebration and discussion of the importance of video game and maker cultures in the future of the tech sector. Wednesday afternoon will host a gaming tournament. The tournament will be followed by an evening panel discussion on the importance of gaming, coding, and maker culture for fostering innovation in youth.

Design and Programming Day
1:00 pm, Thursday, September 22nd
Emily Carr University will be presenting early in the afternoon, followed by our usual “Hackers Hangout” meetup for coders and tech enthusiasts, and a two-hour learn to code seminar for adults interested in learning how to solve problems with code. It will be a bring-your-own-device event.

Local Tech & Innovation Showcase
1:00 pm, Friday, September 23rd
An open event for members of the community to come and learn about many of the incredible technology and innovative projects and companies in our region.  Entrepreneurs, inventors, makers and post-secondary institutions will display and demonstrate the cool things they are working on, and in some cases, selling around the world.  You will be impressed and inspired by their creativity, passion and innovative thinking!  Contact us if you have a project that you would like to showcase.

F-up Friday
7:00 pm, Friday, September 23rd
There is a stigma when entrepreneurs and innovators have an idea, or a business, which “fails”.  At Innovation Central, we think that failing (or f-ing up), when reflected upon properly, is simply valuable learning.  Willing entrepreneurs and innovators will openly share their story(s) of a time when they have “f’d-up”, and what they learned from it, in a light-hearted conversational manner over some drinks.  Request more information here.

First Annual Launch Party
4:00 pm, Saturday, September 24th
Join us for our first annual Launch Party.  This event will be a social celebration, with a BBQ and cash bar, to bring together all of the stakeholders in the local tech and innovation community.  Over the course of the event, we will celebrate and profile a handful of local success stories and new startups, as well as announce a number of exciting new partnerships for Innovation Central and the Hubspace.  We’ll also share our lineup of fall programs and events, and new membership options for the Hubspace.  Attendees will have the chance to participate in a fun and in interactive “investment game”, with the winners earning a suite of complimentary services from ICS.  Request more information here.

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