October 16, 2018

Living Labs Receives Vancouver Foundation Grant to Develop Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship

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An initiative of Living Labs, the newly established Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship is a new resource for students to access the tools and support they need to successfully launch their projects, products, and organizations.

The Centre will be developed throughout 2018 – 2021 with a grant from theĀ Vancouver Foundation and will ultimately act as a hub for activities relating to entrepreneurship at Emily Carr. It aims to be the first culture and creative sector incubator in Western Canada, combining elements of a technology accelerator and a social innovation lab. “It is exciting to partner with theĀ Vancouver Foundation on this work. We look forward to developing these programs, which will increase the unique capacity of artists and designers to impact the city and region,” said Kate Armstrong, Director of Living Labs.

The grant funds will be used to develop programming, partnerships and operations for the Centre over a three-year period, including engaging students to design frameworks and conduct user research as part of the planning process. By continually testing and refining strategies, the Centre hopes to achieve optimal scale and maximize its impact for students and partners alike.

The Centre was created to address challenges faced by emerging artists and designers, including economic marginalization, disconnection from established spheres of entrepreneurial teaching, and widespread misunderstanding of the practical applications of their work. In response to these barriers, the Centre drives progressive solutions by adapting methods from business and technology sectors, offering innovative programming, and engaging leaders from diverse sectors beyond art and design.

Tools and programming developed by the Centre will help artists and designers can turn great ideas into successful and scalable projects, social initiatives, and businesses that build economic independence and contribute to society.

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