December 3, 2018

Patrick Christie Is Redefining the Meaning of Entrepreneur

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From Emily Carr Stories:

Patrick Christie (BDes 2011) is a social innovator. Whether it is his own enterprises or his passion for igniting a new wave of creative leaders, his community-driven approach has provided the ability to succeed. We sat down with Patrick to discuss his journey from when he was a student at Emily Carr University to coming back to help foster and inspire student ideas through the Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship.


Patrick’s ambition is to have a diverse group of individuals participating at the Shumka Centre, both in backgrounds and practices. “With more students branching out and merging in practices, we can really see a diverse group of students at the centre,” explains Patrick. “We are looking beyond how the students are currently organized within the school.  At Shumka, we are discussing the projects students want to create. We are looking to understand the why and how instead of the what, and it is this process that allows us to find unique commonalities amongst pro. The interaction of these different disciplines is something important that I’ve observed at SPACE, and we’re trying to tackle that at Shumka as well.”

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