April 1, 2019

The Shumka Satellite: Call for Applications

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Satellite Residency
Shumka Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship


Satellite is a full time, 12 week offsite residency for students graduating from Emily Carr who want time and space to develop major self-directed projects.

During this time, residents will have access to studio space, mentorship, peer support and funding toward the goal of applying projects to real-world contexts, including developing products or services; initiating events, programs, initiatives or festivals; or starting studios, collectives, agencies or non-profits.

Residents are expected to devote 30 hours/week to project development, with 4 hours per week devoted to process documentation and peer/mentor meetings.

Participants will receive 24/7 access to the work space, mentorship and peer support, structured feedback and guidance, and seed funding of $1500 per project.

In 2019 Satellite will be held in partnership with SPACE, at 552 Clark Drive, and runs from May 15 – July 30, 2019.

Students graduating from Emily Carr in 2019 (undergrad or graduate) are eligible to apply for this program. Students must be actively engaged in developing applied projects or collaborations (as opposed to doing contract work) and must be able to commit adequate time and attention to fully benefit from this opportunity. Individuals, collectives and teams are encouraged to apply.

Please note that access to this program is competitive and limited to 5 spaces in this cohort. Applications will be evaluated for depth of proposal, feasibility, fit with spatial and contextual requirements, and personal commitment to the proposed project.

How to Apply
Please submit a digital application (single PDF or link) to shumka@ecuad.ca including:

  • A cover letter stating your interest in the program
  • A proposal outlining your project, including potential collaborators, materials/equipment/other resources that you are looking to develop or that you anticipate requiring,  and a brief timeline for a three month residency
  • A portfolio of work samples and/or link to a portfolio site
  • Names and contact information of 2 references

For more information, or to apply, please contact Cemre Demiralp, Living Labs Coordinator, at shumka@ecuad.ca.

Deadline: April 15, 2019

SPACE was developed by Patrick Christie in 2015 with the intention of creating a starting point for Emily Carr graduates who want to extend their practice and join a community of interdisciplinary practitioners. It was created to activate and accelerate projects through the design of the physical co-working space, the membership model informed by how people gather, interact and connect on a day-to-day basis, and the focus on developing a strong city-wide network.

SPACE is a combined 2000 sq. ft over two spaces (552/554), with street access to Clark Drive. The space has concrete floors, white walls and 22’ ceilings.

552 is designed for flexibility, large project builds, photo and video shoots and for making a mess. It is equipped with WIFI and a variety of basic hand tools, art supplies, hardware and materials that can be used to realize a project or idea, as well as props and furniture that can be used for gatherings, photoshoots or to enable a workspace for a temporary project.

Bay 1 + 2 – Flex space, Gathering Space, Explorer Zone.
Bay 3 – Project Specialist Zone
Bay 4 – Storage, Fridge, Kitchen area, Supplies

SPACE is set up as a collaborative working environment, so participants should be open to working around others on a day-to-day basis.

Projects best suited for the Satellite program are ones that:

Increase social connection
Integrate into or develop community
Work with regional materials
Involve multiple disciplines
Seek to create impact locally, and/or
Are event or systems-based




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